Japanese Beef Curry From Scratch

Making Japanese Beef Curry from scratch is really challenging nowadays because we can use many kinds of instant curry paste in store. But by making our own spice blend we can get many possibilities and customize the taste if you hate particular spices.

This recipe is so rich because I use the right amount of spices and I will tell you some tips how to make slow cooked foods taste more complex and better. Slow cooked foods is food that need more than 1 hour in one process for example simmering, smoking or baking. The key is we cook it low and slow.

Korean Beef Bowl (Paleo + Whole30)

Pretty much all year long, but especially when life gets busy, quick and easy meals are our favorite! We love cooking and spending time in the kitchen together, but we also love having dinner ready in under 30 minutes! I mean, who doesn’t?! Justin is coaching a boy’s flag football team this Fall and I am heading back to teaching barre classes, which means 3 evenings out of the week will involve activities that take us away from our home. While it’s fun, it can also be tiring some weeks and makes getting dinner on the table quickly a priority! This Korean beef bowl is great because you likely have all the ingredients on hand already or will only need to grab a couple of things at the store, and you’ll have it all ready to go in about 25 minutes!

Veggie Frito Taco Salad

I am really fortunate to live in a small city with a great farmer’s market. It is busy and hopping in the summer time! We have an adorable main street here and it’s enjoyable to walk around and shop. My son and I like to go up there on Saturdays and see the local goodies. This week we got to sample some local honey. I ended up buying some clover honey and a blackberry infused honey. And my son actually tried it and loved it! There was also some in-season peaches and tons of veggies and fresh lettuce.

So my brain started working with what I could make with my farmer’s market finds. I had purchased romaine lettuce, green onion, cherry tomatoes and corn. Someone there was also selling some fresh guacamole so I bought that too! I can never turn down guac. Never.

When I got home I started rummaging around in my pantry and I saw that I had some of my favorite BUSH’S® Organic Black Beans, a can of olives and corn chips. I knew exactly what I needed to make – taco salad!

This salad is so filling (black beans have lots of fiber and protein!) that you won’t even miss the meat!

Vegan Custard Puff Pastry Napoleon Recipe

I meant to post this dessert last Christmas but it clearly didn’t make it to the blog on time, so now you have it ready for Valentine’s and Easter with plenty of time to do a practice run ahead. Let’s do this!

” Mille Feuille ” also known as a “Napoleon” a classic Neopolitan pastry dessert of ancient origin filled with a rich and thick vanilla custard or “ crème pâtissière “ – pretty much a dessert sandwich!

This easy vegan custard puff pastry Napoleon made with rich coconut and cashew milk, vanilla extract and thickened up with tapioca. Dairy-free and naturally sweetened with maple syrup.

Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Quinoa Bowls With Fried Bananas

I am on a huge “bowl” food kick right now. I think it’s all this healthy, fresh eating that I’m currently into at the moment. It seems that when it comes to healthy, fresh food it just works nicely in a bowl!

I don’t know, either that or I really just like making giant bowls of delicious food.

o….these Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Quinoa Bowls with Fried Bananas…..YES!